Some animals don’t ever change their spots. It has been a while — since Oct. 11, 1981 — since Utah’s own senior hypocrite tried to smear Anita Hill’s complaint about Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas for being sexually aggressive toward her, against her will. Remember Sen. Orrin Hatch making a comment about “Long Dong Silver”?

Hatch and the GOP tried to gang up on Hill and beat her testimony into submission. So Hill was assaulted twice, once by Thomas’ aggression and once by Hatch. Hatch defended Thomas vigorously and eventually the GOP voted for Thomas.

Since then, Hatch has not done much for the people of Utah, but he has done a great deal for himself. He is one of the biggest recipients of campaign contributions from Big Pharma, insurance companies and anyone who can afford his services.

Fast forward to September 2018, and the newest nominee to the Supreme Court is being charged with sexual assault. So far, three women have come forward to voice their complaints about a drunken prep boy assaulting them. He's a good Christian, so he claims, so whatever he did, God will forgive him, along with Hatch.

Hatch’s spots haven’t changed in 27 years and he is willing to smear other women to make sure another alleged sexual predator gets appointed to the Supreme Court, because he’s a good Republican and Christian.

Does anyone find this to be coincidental, or is it just that the animal has not changed his spots?

Bill Revene, West Valley