Recently The Salt Lake Tribune ran a letter casting congressional candidate Ben McAdams as an operative for the Clintons. The author questioned his career and asked, “Is McAdams a Clinton in sheep’s clothing?”

The real question is, are criminal members of Congress protecting a mob boss?

In recent weeks we’ve seen Rep. Chris Collins of New York indicted for insider trading. He was the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump. Days later we saw Rep. Duncan Hunter from California indicted for cartoonish abuse of campaign funds. (He blamed his wife.) He was the second member of Congress to endorse Trump.

Let’s also not forget that Rep. Greg Gianforte, who gushes for Trump — and therefore received his endorsement — body slammed and attacked a journalist during his special election campaign in Montana. He pleaded to a misdemeanor.

Last, the most damning of all — I would think — is Trump’s endorsement of Roy Moore in Alabama. Nine women came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct. Many of them were underage at the time, while Moore was in his 30s.

It’s more concerning and relevant to me, as a constituent of Utah’s 4th Congressional District, that we have representatives in office who have protected a mob boss and, based off the descriptions of their crimes and behavior, are running roughshod against their constituents simply to protect or gain praise from Trump. Rep. Mia Love will simply be another solider in this syndicate.

Instead of focusing on the “Clinton Boogeyman” storyline, we must focus on this question: Are we America? Or are we the sixth crime family who looks out for their capo di tutti capi?

Donald Aguirre, Midvale