Every candidate for office has cut his or her political teeth working for prominent members of their party. Herrin perpetuates the myth that the Clintons are evil and that anyone associated with them is evil. This continued hatred against the Clintons is tiresome.

Fourth District constituents might consider the dire circumstances our country could have avoided with Hillary Clinton as president rather than the person now posing as the leader of the free world. The fact is that no investigation has shown evidence of the Clintons’ guilt, as opposed to over 20 indictments of those associated with our current president.

Ben McAdams is an honest, upstanding man of high moral values, community-centered ideals, and hard work as our county mayor. He has balanced budgets, cooperated across the aisle and worked with all parties to bring value to Salt Lake County. The gall that it takes to bad-mouth the Clintons in an effort to smear McAdams is absolutely shocking in light of what is coming from the White House today.

McAdams’ values are highly honorable; those who malign him politically should be ashamed.

Mark Hurst, Sandy