Letter: Shireen Ghorbani cares about Utah problems; Chris Stewart is a corporate shill

Shireen Ghorbani

Rep. Chris Stewart and his Democratic challenger, Shireen Ghorbani, have vastly different motivations.

Stewart invariably supports the greedy agenda of his campaign donors, the corporate and wealthy elite, at our expense. By contrast, Ghorbani supports the genuine needs of the majority of Utahns — families, working people, farmers, seniors and more.

As a deeply concerned listener, Ghorbani has talked to thousands of Utahns districtwide to understand our problems and develop realistic solutions. As a corporate shill, Stewart ignores us while serving his Big Money donors.

Examples: Stewart voted to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, causing millions to lose health insurance while the rest of us pay more in a destabilized market. Ghorbani supports affordable health care for all and improved access in rural areas.

After Republicans increased our national debt $1.5 trillion to give massive tax breaks to their wealthy donors, now Stewart wants to slash Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and many other vital programs. Ghorbani supports improving these essential programs.

By his silence, Stewart condones Trump’s assaults on our Constitution and our cherished rights, freedoms and values. Ghorbani will fight Trump’s overreach and defend our Constitution.

Stewart has failed us. Ghorbani will be a powerful voice for us in Congress. Visit shireenforcongress.com.

Kathi Fox, Ivins

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