I consider Rep. Mia Love’s campaign ad about her compassion for Josh Holt’s mother during that family’s crisis the same kind of manipulation for which President Donald Trump is known. It establishes her as a puppet of the Republican Party. The reason the Republicans produced it is to persuade the public that she is a caring person and to remind voters how she is a woman running against a man.

Republicans would have citizens forget about the crisis generated by the administration’s zero-tolerance policy separating children from their parents at the border. This needs to be contrasted with how Holt was a grown man voluntarily going into an unstable country where the people in power used his entry for their own manipulative means. He is liberated because some citizens of Venezuela decided to overthrow those people, not thanks to Love, although she is showcasing the incident for political capital.

I am voting for Ben McAdams because, as a Democrat, his election would be a rebuke of Trump, and I believe Republicans see their job as exclusively serving the people who vote often by victimizing those who need help the most from our government.

Fran Crookston, Taylorsville