America’s federal lands are under attack by members of Congress who belong to the Anti Parks Caucus. Two members of Utah’s congressional delegation are a part of this group: Rep. Rob Bishop and Rep. Chris Stewart.

In Utah, federal lands constitute 64.9 percent of the state. These lands help to generate the $12 billion that visitors spend on recreation in Utah each year and to support 122,000 Utah jobs.

The Anti Parks Caucus seeks to end public ownership of federal lands and sell or lease millions of acres to private interests including oil and gas companies, coal and metal mining companies, livestock producers, and timber companies.

Private companies intend to exploit the lands for private profit. You will lose your right to use these federal lands and you will never see a penny of the money these private companies get from exploiting your federal lands.

If Utahns want to save America’s federal lands from destruction by private companies, then they should support national organizations like Defend Our Parks and National Parks Conservation Association, and local groups like Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. These groups are working to defeat Bishop and Stewart in November.

Jayne G Bishop, Salt Lake City