Letter: The Tribune and other news organizations take a brave stand

Salt Lake Tribune - Historical File WWII Surrender Page Two persons are standing near The Salt Lake Tribune newspapers stall.

The Aug. 16 Tribune editorial joins with 200-plus other news organizations to remind us that independent news media are the eyes and ears of the people. Without their reporting, we the people would have little knowledge of what our governments and businesses are doing for us — or doing to us. We need that unbiased reporting to inform us if we are to preserve a system of governing of, by and for the people.

The metaphor of a sports contest is often used to describe political fights for power. In this, law enforcement is seen as the referee to keep the game fair, and the news media provide the final “instant replay” for the fans to really see what just happened. It is only the contenders who intend to cheat who yell against the referees, decry the rules as unfair and dismiss the replay as fake.

Thank you, Tribune, for your brave stand against the forces pushing you to be silent.

Bill Cosgrove, Cottonwood Heights

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