Lately, I’m having a difficult time figuring out if I’m receiving the right newspaper. I’m sure I’m not alone in getting extremely tired of seeing all the LDS-themed stories taking up so much of the front page of The Trib.

Last Sunday was no exception, with fully the entire front page and four of the first section’s 10 pages about Kingston Group girls marrying, and a woman being thrown out of BYU-Idaho.

If the plan is to attract more LDS readers, it’s apparently having the opposite result, based on letters from people canceling their subscriptions. I’m getting very close.

You’re not going to attract LDS to The Trib — you’re just pushing away us gentiles. I’m sure I speak for many in asking you to go back to printing real news — especially on the front page. We’re really not that interested in reading all the Mormon stories — we read The Trib to avoid them for a while.

If it’s important, fine — but most of the stories aren’t. If we wanted to read about those things, we’d subscribe to the Deseret News. There’s a reason we don’t.

Alan Linett, Sandy

Correction: The original version of this letter misstated the affiliation of young girls marrying.