I am pleading with the Senate and House of Representatives to stop this madness with President Donald Trump putting tariffs on Chinese products.

Trump says to be patient; we’ll win this trade war. He’s wrong – history has shown that this has never been a winning policy, and we are in a global economy now, more than ever before in our history. Most people don’t have the luxury of being patient.

People with money, like Mr. Trump, have no idea how the rest of us are living paycheck to paycheck, or maybe the lucky ones have a couple months’ buffer before getting seriously behind on bills.

Contact your elected officials today, and while we’re at it, if you’re a tweeter, please, let’s inundate the Twitter-verse with backfire for every tweet coming from the White House. Even if it’s just to say, “Squirrel!” That seems to be this president’s way of deflecting any criticism on his bad policies.

Holly Rio, Draper