The letter to the editor “Education, not a ban, will reduce the need for abortions” by Jared Buhanan-Decker, published Aug. 3, makes excellent points.

I would go on to add that attempts to ban abortions or make their access more difficult will only impact the poor. Abortions will always be accessible to the rich who can travel to other states, to Canada or to European countries where it is legal and safe.

You would think that conservatives, who are the ones most opposed to abortions, would be opposed to limiting individual freedoms for women. Limiting access to legal abortions forces women to have babies they cannot afford or they are too young to support. This just adds more people, mostly brown and black, who will become poor, users of government services, and fill our prisons.

Yes, education is the answer to reducing poverty and the need for abortions. Conservatives, if they truly are conservative, should understand the concept of spending money now for better education, which will save much more money later. Let’s help people become productive members of society, and taxpayers vs. tax users. This is the moral and also the cost-effective approach!

Mark Rothacher, Salt Lake City