As demonstrated in the fair-minded piece by Lee Davidson titled “Trump is really tough on Putin, despite their recent meeting, says Utah Rep. Chris Stewart,” the congressman has a mind for foreign affairs. Whether constituents agree with his stance on President Donald Trump’s relations with Vladimir Putin or not, his commitment to improving the international community is clear.

Recently, Stewart supported in the House an increase for USAID’s tuberculosis account. His counterparts in the Senate supported a much smaller increase in funding. The additional $41 million allocated by the House would save 19,000 more lives. From his support on the House bill, it is clear that he understands the impact this money can have to save lives both abroad and domestically.

Please encourage Rep. Stewart to continue fighting for the full amount possible to be targeted to ending tuberculosis worldwide. To let Rep. Stewart know you support his advocacy to his colleagues in Congress, please call one of his offices or submit a letter on his website.

Allison Krenzien, Centerville