The Salt Lake Tribune positions itself as an independent voice here in Utah, yet time after time it demonstrates it is not independent, rather dependent on the ideas opposite those of conservatism. A truly independent news institution would do its due diligence to promote accuracy and integrity in its reporting, no matter the political view. There are no independent news voices left in this world, certainly not The Salt Lake Tribune.

Case in point: On Aug. 2, you published an editorial cartoon depicting Sen. Mike Lee as a bobblehead holding a semi-automatic rifle because of his position on the printing of 3D firearms and implied that he supports “mass killing” — oh, did I leave something out on purpose to mislead? The truth is, anyone with a basic understanding of how a firearm works knows a 3D-printed gun cannot stand up to the internal pressures of semi-automatic fire, and they surely aren’t accurate.

Yes, Mr. Pat Bagley lives in the world of cartoons, but a little bit of reality on such a subject is needed; after all, you published a front-page article stating the problems of 3D-printed guns.

Hypocrisy is the downfall of free speech, while honesty and integrity strengthen it!

Michael Schoenfeld, Clearfield