I spent a recent Saturday night, much as I have for many years, at Rocky Mountain Raceways. The cars sped around the track, the noise filled my ears, the smell of the tires filled my nose, and my son played with his toy cars. I’ve long yearned for this opportunity to show him this place. Only this night, it wasn’t quite the same as before, because this time is one of my last visits to the raceway.

The announcement of the final season for RMR is a genuine loss for Utah and the passionate racing community we have. Visit other small tracks around the country and it quickly becomes apparent just what a top-quality facility RMR is. What is worse, the track closes because of a money grab. The track was not given the option to renew its lease. The land is more valuable as a warehouse than it is as a community gathering place. This is a shame, and the loss will be felt for years to come.

Soon the lights will go out on the track for the final time and nearly 50 years of racing history at this place will be lost. Also lost is the chance for me to take my son, the way my father took me. Being there has been a part of our lives for generations. This is not the way RMR should come to an end, and a gap will remain in our community because of it.

Lionel James Lewis, Sandy