LGBTQ group vice president Kimberly Anderson has reportedly quit over the LDS Church’s recent donation to help the at times socially beleaguered organization's desire to deal with the rising tide of suicides among many whose sexual proclivities and cultural attribution often create extreme stress in a society still too slow to accept their constitutional and humanistic right to be what they wish to be.

When a hand is extended in assistance, give the gesture a moment to consider the intent of the donor. True, a schism has long existed between her group's beliefs and rights and the local dominant church along with many other religious and ultraconservative entities throughout the nation.

However, her juvenile reaction is an insult to those who may differ with her personal conviction and just another ill-formed reason for those who oppose her group's lifestyle to consider their resistance and prejudice justified. It is this type of knee-jerk reaction and embedded lack of reasoning that will continue the aura of distrust and difficulty in bringing common sense into the rationale of diversity.

Ms. Anderson, if you want your organization to be a viable, sensible and maturely reacting group, stay the dramatic reactions and self-aggrandizing response.

James F. Oshust, Millcreek