Letter: Large Utah families bleed the beast

(Scott Sommerdorf | The Salt Lake Tribune) Rep. Tim Quinn, R-Heber City, speaks during the Family Economic Prosperity Priorities press conference, Thursday, January 25, 2018. Quinn is sponsoring HB 148 Tax Revisions - that would eliminate the 1.75% tax on food.

If you just moved to Utah, you’ve just witnessed the way Utah works.

The Legislature just enacted a tax cut. But instead of an earned income credit or a reduction that would benefit all Utahns, Rep. Tim Quinn (R), representing Wasatch County and half of gerrymandered Park City, pushed the child tax exemption reduction, which will benefit mostly Mormons whose religion encourages large families with many children.

Quinn is a father of eight. Most of the legislators, over 90 percent of whom are Mormon, have four or more children. No doubt the cost of raising eight children is onerous. These megafamilies need schools and services, so the rest of us who responsibly have only a couple of kids pay proportionately higher taxes. Unless you’re raising a tribe, Rep. Quinn actually gave you a tax increase.

It’s call “bleeding the beast.” It’s the Utah Way, and you’ll soon discover that this is a primary ongoing reason that some people resent the relentless unrighteous dominion by the “local culture.” Republicans coming from other states often find that they are Democrats in Utah.

Bill Miller, Salt Lake City