Letter: Don’t give big, Trump-voting families a tax break

(Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune) Members of the House of Representatives, their family members and staff stand for the singing of the National Anthem as the 2018 Legislative session begins at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City Monday January 22, 2018.

So the state Legislature thinks it’s a good idea to reward Utah middle-class families who have lots of kids by increasing their tax credits and thus reducing the raise in taxes they suffered for voting for Donald Trump, as I surmise many of them did.

Despite all the warnings from economic experts that only the 1 percent would make a significant gain through tax reductions, some people with large families voted Republican and for Trump. And now they are suffering because of their unwillingness to see what our president really is, not to mention our Congress.

Well, isn’t that too bad? God knows how much we have suffered who didn’t vote for Trump or Republicans, witnessing the pernicious edicts and wild ramblings of our lying, autocratic, racist, misogynistic, ignorant, incompetent and possibly treasonous leader.

Can someone please tell me for why anyone should be paid for having more children in these environmentally conscious times, especially in Utah? Can someone explain to me why I should have to pay for this with an increase in my state taxes or a reduction of state services because these families want to have more children? Can anyone explain to me why these folks deserve this obvious pay-off?

Matt Proser, Salt Lake City