Letter: Holladay residents will pay the most for new development

(Tribune file photo) The first mall built in Utah in 1962, the Cottonwood Mall thrived for 40 years before changing markets led to its demise. Torn down in 2008, the mall property has remained vacant since then. But Holladay City officials are now considering a plan to revitalize it with a residentially oriented development.

Recently a man wrote in about how good the proposed Holladay development will be for Holladay’s tax revenue.

At best, it will be revenue-neutral, with the city getting enough to pay for police and the fire department. For 20 years, with their breaks, the developers will pay very little in taxes.

The development will create a lot of police calls, as do all types of business. He also has five children; is he paying his fair amount of taxes for the children's schools?

There may only be four or five restaurants and a few small shops. The rest will be residential. Vote against the new project.

Bill Finch, Salt Lake City