I am hesitant to bring up a comparison of Donald Trump’s treatment of immigrants to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews. All of the same cruel rhetoric used by the Nazis to demean and criminalize the Jews is being used by Trump to cast immigrants as rapists and murderers. If the general populace believe that immigrants are less than human, then it is OK for Trump, Sessions and DHS to throw them in jail and put their children in cages. This is not acceptable at any level. These immigrants are trying to immigrate to the United States for a better life free from violence and instead are met with violent intent by the border patrol and ICE agents under direct orders and control of the Trump administration.

Years ago when the Drumpf (Trump) family emigrated from Germany, they should have been denied entry, which would solve our present immigration crisis. These immigrants are humans and people just like us, contrary to what Donald Trump would have us believe. Stop this insane cruelty against immigrants.

Richard Muranaka, Salt Lake City