My house was set on fire by an aerial firework on July 4, 2016. A rocket hit my home and landed on the cable box. It kept burning and set my house on fire.

The people who set off the fireworks used my water hose to put out the fire. But did not tell me what happened. I asked the neighbors, but never found out who did it. I filed a police report, too.

I am lucky my house did not burn down. I hate aerial fireworks. They should be illegal. The cost and risk to homeowners and other property is too great to justify them. It cost me $500 to repair the damage. It could have be a lot more.

Last July 2017, there were more fireworks in the street in front of my home, including aerial fireworks. I asked the people setting off aerial fireworks to stop, but they did not care. They still did the fireworks for hours. The next day I cleaned up many of them that landed in my yard.

On the 4th and 24th of July, I was very worried. Nothing happened, but July is coming and every year, it will be the same.

Why should I have to fear for my life and home because of aerial fireworks?

Alan E. Woodbury, Salt Lake City