Living in Salt Lake City, Delta Air Lines has been my first pick for traveling.

After reading about Delta’s ban on “pit bull-type dogs,” my first reaction was whoever thought of this ridiculous ban has never had the opportunity to own a beloved pit bull.

Henry, my 11-year-old pit bull, was found wandering by a busy road. Being afraid of the little we knew of the breed, not sure what to do, we nervously approached him to help him, only to find him collapse in our arms. Not knowing Henry’s story, this is what we did know: He was malnourished, skin and bones, cut feet and tail, had this enormous head and a strong desire to be loved and near humans.

It has been said that we saved Henry, but Henry saved me. He came into my life when I was struggling with fertility and felt something was missing from my life. Some women are fulfilled as mothers to children; I am fulfilled as a mother to my pit bull. He is the most loyal and sensitive dog I have ever had, and I have had dogs my entire life. He is always wanting to please and be near me. He loves everyone. Everyone.

I am sad to hear that one isolated incident had to be a “pit bull.” All dogs need training, no matter the breed. With the rise in deaths of dogs on various airlines, rather than restricting one breed, it is clear to me that airlines need to implement better dog regulations. Delta does need to improve policies to protect its customers and employees, but also look at ways to improve safety and ethical travel options for animals.

In honor of my Henry and for all pit bulls that just want to be loved and part of a family, it is my hope that Delta will reconsider such an absurd ban.

Brandy K. Jenkins, Draper