I have been anticipating a letter to the Public Forum ever since reading an article in the May 23 edition. None has appeared, so now I write.

No one I knew, while growing up in California, was a hunter, unless they were hunting for seashells on the California shore. Having moved to Utah, my experience widened, and I have come to know and care for those who do hunt the elk, deer, moose, etc.

What disturbed me on May 23 was the article allowing Alaskan game officials to alter hunting practices that seem downright cruel: bear cubs, killed alongside their mothers, caribou shot from a boat while swimming, wolves (and pups) hunted in their dens, and other animals hunted from airplanes.

I understand that states want more say in regulations that affect their respective populations, but this type of killing, referred to as “recreational,” really disturbs me. I would think with every killing, humanity’s soul begins to die.

Anne Stringham, Salt Lake City