Rep. Mia Love’s effort to force a DACA vote seems disingenuous. The congresswoman is not ignorant of the enormous hurdles required to overcome the current gridlock in the legislative and executive branches of government. Even if the bill does pass the House, it would still need to clear the Senate. Assuming the bill passes the legislative branch, the president would more than likely veto it as he did earlier this year.

It seems more likely the congresswoman is trying to make a spectacle and come across as a maverick moderate in the state’s most purple district ahead of the coming midterm election.

If Love is truly serious about protecting Dreamers, she should lend her voice to repudiating the rise of alt-right activists in the GOP like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. Miller is the White House adviser who is credited with manipulating the president into breaking the previous bipartisan deal and causing the government shutdown. As one of the few black GOP members of Congress, Love’s voice is needed to quell the growing xenophobia in her party. I hope Love will have the wisdom to fight smarter, not just harder.

Cameron Brierley, Spanish Fork