I have been going to the VA hospital for about 10 years, and have never seen anything like the pictures taken by a young man seeking treatment at the Salt Lake VA facility.

I do have to say that whoever placed this man in this room should have their head examined. However, this by no way indicates how the entire facility appears and I fully believe it is getting blown out of proportion. From what I have heard, someone had a cast placed on them and then the room was not cleaned up. Once again, this is an exception and I have been quite happy and impressed with the way this facility is run and the treatments that I have had over ten years. I believe the young man who was placed in this room had every right to complain, but on a national level, this is an undeserving smear job.

I am sure the Trump administration will jump on this and use it to reflect negativity about VA health care and try to use it to force a change from VA services to the public sector. but this is an exception and by no means a norm.

Dan Entler, Salt Lake City