Last December, when Bandy Lee, world-renowned forensic psychiatrist, testified before Congress, she warned that as pressure builds (e.g., Cohen and Mueller investigations), President Trump’s psychosis would lead to ever-increasing irrational, incoherent and dangerous behavior. This is exactly what’s occurring as evidenced by Trump’s recent deranged rant on Fox News.

Our nation is now at great risk. In addition to the threat of a constitutional crisis with the possible firing of special counsel Robert Mueller, allowing Trump access to our nuclear arsenal is reckless.

Congress must take immediate action. If lawmakers won’t remove Trump from office at this time, they must take bold, urgent steps to neutralize his erratic behavior. Further, to preserve our democracy and the rule of law, the Mueller investigation must continue unimpeded. Without more delay, Congress must pass the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, which the Judiciary Committee passed by bipartisan vote of 14-7. They must find the courage to place country above party and vote to secure a veto-proof majority.

Ignoring these warning signs violates their oath of office and risks dire consequences.

Linda Callison, Ivins