Regarding the April 29 commentary, “Words that paint a thousand pictures of crime,” by Robert C. Wadman, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Criminal Justice Department, Weber State University. Sir, your stated title implies knowledge and experience in the criminal justice field. Why then, I have to ask, is your article void of any mention of addictions’ role in crime? You ask your “six questions,” all of which, at best, skirt this topic, have been, in my humble view, overly simplified, cliché and erroneously assigned as the cause(s) of crime, again, without mention of addiction/substance abuse.

Studies for well over 20 years have identified “8 of 10” persons in both the adult and juvenile correctional processes can attribute their involvement in the criminal justice system as offenses committed while being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or as an attempt to acquire drugs and/or alcohol.

Your article presumably was widely read and accepted. Too bad you missed such an obvious and way too often ignored and underserved criminogenic element.

I do, however, whole-heartedly agree with you that “harsh punishment does not solve the (criminal conduct) problem.”

S.G. Letendre, Salt Lake City