Based upon their actions and policies, the following is the Republican Party Platform.

1. Work to restrict voting by minorities and poor.

2. Talk about fiscal responsibility, which means cutting programs for the poor and middle class, while giving large tax cuts to the rich.

3. Work to undermine our public education system.

4. Work to turn segments of our society against one another, using fear and religion, so they will not notice how they are getting fleeced by the rich and corporations.

5. Protect the NRA at all costs even in the face of daily gun violence in our streets, our schools, and businesses.

If you are rich and white, they are the party for you. If you are anyone else, they are not.

Actually, if you are rich and white you should not be for Republicans either. You should want all people to have a political voice and be able to climb the ladder of success. More people working with health care, a good education system, old age security, decent housing and dignity is good for our society. This also produces less crime and more customers for the businesses of the rich.

Mark Rothacher, Salt Lake City