I want to point out how working families were left out of the December $1.5 trillion tax deal. We were promised “big” tax cuts, increases in wages and “major” job creation. But the reality is far from the rhetoric.

Some 13 million people have had their health care taken away; most have seen meager, temporary increases in paychecks (equivalent to tax increases in the next decade) and an inability to itemize deductions on their taxes.

Meanwhile, 129 major companies are receiving $60 billion in total tax cuts. Yet less than 4 percent of workers are getting any bonuses or wage increases from employers. And now Republicans in Congress are talking about creating barriers to Medicaid and SNAP in order to create “savings” and pay for all of this.

In order to preserve our democracy, we must register to vote and exercise our right to vote.

The wealthy do most certainly vote and actively participate in upholding their interests in our governmental processes at great cost to the rest of us. If we continue to blindly follow, we will be jolted by the reality of severely curtailed freedoms and lack of individual rights.

We are barreling toward government exclusively for the wealthy, by the wealthy. Repeal this tax plan now!

Craig Simmons, Salt Lake City