Am I the only one to detect a pattern here?

When in the minority, Republicans screech as if they are budget hawks. When in the majority, they drastically cut taxes on the wealthiest corporations and individuals, thereby assuring budgetary short falls.

Nevertheless, they raise military expenditures to new heights.

When expectable trillion-dollar debt increases occur, the Republicans push to cut back on entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare. Meanwhile, private debt balloons.

When the balloons burst, the Republican donor-class buy up the best bits at fire sale prices and the wealth and income gaps between the top 1 percent and the bottom 99 percent increase.

Which major party is truly the worse for our nation’s economic well-being? The tax-and-spend Democrats or the tax-as-little-as-possible-and-spend-a-heck-of-a-lot-more Republicans?

Andrew G. Bjelland, Salt Lake City