Letter: Instead of inane subsidy, increase the EnergySolutions tax

(Al Hartmann | Tribune file photo) David Squires, general manager at Clive Operations for EnergySolutions, stands next to an area ready to accept large quantities of depleted uranium on April 2, 2015.

Utah Senate: Please vote “no” on HB169. If necessary, Gov. Gary Herbert, please veto this inane reprieve of a company that imports other people’s radioactive waste to our West Desert. Rather, please increase the EnergySolutions tax so we’re competitive with South Carolina, the only other state willing to accept this vile material.
We studied this intensely 15 years ago. It’s the dirty-waste dumpers that pay this tax, not Utahns. Increase the tax to South Carolina levels, don’t decrease it. Use the extra money to fill our huge gap in education funding.

Otherwise, huge amounts of radioactive material will pour into Utah without paying rent to contaminate our land. We’ll learn what “Life Elevated” really means!
Mickey Gallivan, Salt Lake City
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