I have read Albert R. Hunt’s column several times. He says there are thousands of signatures seeking the impeachment of President Donald Trump. A similar situation occurred after the Civil War when radical Republicans tried to impeach Andrew Johnson. Luckily there were some senators who saved the country from setting a dangerous precedent, that of having impeachment a matter of popularity and not a matter of law. This is the situation the country is facing today. Liberals have never forgiven Trump for winning the election and have not cooperated with his administration. He has done some stupid things but nothing deserving impeachment.

Tom Steyer is spending millions in his desire to impeach Trump. He has gotten lists of people seeking Trump’s impeachment. He is equating popularity with law.

Should impeachment proceed, a grave injustice will have occurred and a dangerous precedent will be set. No president will be safe from having some group of radicals seeking impeachment. This will have an adversarial effect on his ability to fulfill obligations as our elected chief executive.

John Henkels, Salt Lake City