What the Utah Republican Party and the Trump administration have done to American Indians with regard to Bears Ears National Monument is beyond despicable.

Here is a quorum of “take back our public lands” advocates telling the Indians they can’t have their precious little monument. What hypocrisy.

An ever-to-be-remembered front page of The Tribune (Dec. 5) shows a bunch of arrogant white guys pumping their fists and cheering while a little Indian lady bows her head in tears.

Here is a representative in Congress proclaiming total local governmental support of this action. They simply choose not to hear the united Indian voice speaking in great clarity, all while having gerrymandered the possibility of a local Indian political voice out of existence.

Now, as if to pretend concern, we have them proclaiming actions that will give the Indians a voice in the new monuments and a national park they don’t want. All without consulting the Indians themselves. It’s evident they know what is best for the Indians without asking or listening.

Such representation deserves to be elected out of office.

Philip Beck, Stansbury Park