Our Republican senators and representatives feel that they are so beholden to the likes of the Koch brothers and Donald Trump that they are happy to throw Utah families that make under $75,000 a year and less under the bus to provide a tax cut of over $1.5 trillion to the 1 percent and wealthy corporations.

They pay for this by cutting programs like health care, nutrition, Medicare and Medicaid. Oh yeah, and adding to our deficit by that $1.5 trillion. (It seems to me in the last administration adding to the deficit was anathema to these same Republicans.)

They claim it will all be fine when the billionaires and corporations raise our wages and let it trickle down to us minions. But when asked about what they would do with the extra moola, our rich CEO’s said they would provide more executive compensation and spread it around to investors. They win twice and oh, oh, we lose again.

Call your senators, this is outrageous.

Linda Doron, Salt Lake City