I would like to add to Terry Marasco’s commentary of Oct. 29 that not only every LGBTQ Mormon should leave the LDS Church immediately, but also everybody who is and feels connected to them, or just thinks it’s ungodly the way they are treated.

If you stay in the church, then you agree with the church, and you’re part of causing the LGBTQ’s pain, rejection and suffering. Same-sex couples’ babies and children cannot be blessed and baptized. It is the mind and the will of the Lord, the LDS Church says. They did not ask for the “other” gender. It just happened when they grew up. Is that a reason to treat them like second-hand people?

They should be accepted and treated equally. I would say it is about time to do away with these kinds of organized religions and also the stigma in all societies, and treat each other with respect and acceptance. Nobody is better than the next person. Especially when it is something you did not ask for.

Maria van Lent, Woods Cross