All of us are living in fear of what our president will do or say next.

Protect Medicaid preserve Medicare; not on his watch. Respect all Americans; that is a joke. This paper on Sept. 23 carried a number of articles reducing the stature of the presidency, not just the president himself.

Trump calls for the firing of NFL players who kneel while the national anthem is being played. He chastises Sen. John McCain for not supporting what many feel — including the AMA, 10 bipartisan governors, and most of the health insurance industry — may be the most devastating medical legislation ever to be sent to Congress.

Now, due in part to the president’s careless rhetoric, we face a nuclear bomb test threat in the Pacific. His administration just this week has made the prosecution of sexual assault on our college campuses much more difficult for victims. His ego forces him to insert himself in issues that are not the issues the president should be dealing with. Such as in the past election, having and inciting his followers to chant “lock her up.”

This president will succeed in making sure America will never be great again.

It is time for each and every one of us to stick up for that document, the United States Constitution, and its clear meaning for all of us, which starts “We the people” — not I the president.

The president of the United States may just be the most dangerous man on the planet.

Bruce Cohne

Salt Lake City