I am proud of Utah. While so much of the country is divided into blue and red, we have a unique combination of strong morality, religious commitment, fiscal responsibility, and also great compassion and concern for those in need, the poor and refugees, in a way that cannot be defined by typical ideologies. As anti-immigrant movements and policies have come forward, Utah has remained steadfast in its responsible, yet welcoming approach to those in need.

Dr. Kathie Allen is an excellent representative of our values. As a doctor she has worked for years showing compassion to her patients, with the great responsibility of a trained physician, carefully and analytically considering clinical evidence and her patients’ particular conditions, to provide the best possible care. And this careful, thoughtful, and compassionate approach is exactly the type of leadership that best represents Utahns in the 3rd District.

Dr. Allen will remain committed to representing our concern for refugees and immigrants, and protecting health care for the vulnerable. Her background of working with complex issues, with constant concern for serving those in need, is exactly the type of discipline, responsibility and values we need from our representation in Washington.

Kris Zyp

Cottonwood Heights