I think it is fair to say that everything Donald Trump says is intended to make a political and obviously dramatic effect. He is so insecure that he is the exact opposite of what he tries to be. All he cares about is what others think of him. He constantly alters his ideas to benefit himself as conditions become different.

To be able to focus on the job at hand is the cornerstone of a successful outcome. The president is responsible for our national security. He is in a war of juvenile name calling and vague threats with the leader of North Korea. They now think that Trump has declared war on them and they will shoot at our military aircraft. He should be working on ways to de-escalate the tension, not escalate it.

We have an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, a health care situation that needs to be straightened out and the Dreamers’ status needs to be resolved. Instead, Trump had a rally in Alabama to please his supporters. He started an uproar with the NFL over players demonstrations of their vexation about racial injustice. Then, he flaunted his disapproval of current NFL rules intended to mitigate the effects of violent impacts in the game.

I wish he would focus on things that affect those who are truly in need. He just does not know which way to go. He has no aptitude for leadership and has no ideological core. He tries to go in several directions at once. To him, politics is a public performance and he only cares about the reactions he provokes. If we could look behind the curtain, we would find nothing there.

Don Hiddleson, Millcreek