Neither Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown nor Mayor Jackie Biskupski has the backbone to fire big, tough, woman brutalizer Jeff Payne, who hides behind his badge, nor his partner who just stood by and watched Payne brutalize nurse Alex Wubbels.

This incident happened on July 26. It took nurse Wubbels to bring it to light, and only then did Brown and Biskupski pretend outrage. They simply got caught.

Having listened to District Attorney Sim Gill on the news, he seems more interested in protecting Payne than he is in bringing justice to Wubbels.

My money’s on these two cops getting off scot-free.

It’s sad that cops get to hide behind a law that makes it a crime to defend ourselves against their bullying. Our Legislature needs to rescind this law so we can protect ourselves from the cops’ jackboot tactics.

Ms. Wubbels, I hope you stand up and sue the Salt Lake Police for every cent you can. Don’t take a settlement that’s in their favor. Teach them a lesson. Hold them accountable and make them publicly admit they were wrong and get woman abuser Payne’s peace officer accreditation permanently revoked.

“To serve and protect?” My aching butt.

Paul L. Hart