Paul Huntsman: Today brings an even deeper commitment to our mission of local news

As The Tribune transitions to a Weekly Edition, community, truth and empowerment move into the masthead.

(Rick Bowmer | AP file photo)

Truth. Empowerment. Community.

To donors, subscribers, readers, viewers and observers of The Salt Lake Tribune, thank you for your support as we make a historic journey during journalism’s most tumultuous season.

You may have noticed that we changed our motto, which appears at the top of our website and newspaper, from “Utah’s Independent Newspaper” to “Truth. Empowerment. Community.” In its new form, The Tribune will continue to be the go-to source for local, independent news and information. Indeed, our mission is even deeper and more inclusive.

The rapid growth in social media has democratized the instantaneous dissemination of news and information throughout the world. We witness events from citizens and journalists as they unfold. Disturbingly, many platforms come without accountability, verification or commonly held standards of truthfulness.

The Tribune reaches its audiences on many of these same platforms as we continue to expand our presence. But before we publish, our reporting is subjected to a process of vetting and verification. It is not always a perfect check, but a check is always required.

Because of this check and balance, The Tribune has built trust. Our brand is only as strong as our commitment to the integrity of our journalism. We may not be always the first to report something, but we always strive to make it the most reliable. We corroborate sources and bring you what we believe to be the truth. You can rely on it.

As newspapers continue to shutter throughout the country, data demonstrates the impact to communities that lose their newspapers. Partisanship is emboldened, participation in elections decreases, the cost of government rises and citizens’ connections with their community fall.

The Tribune aims to provide transparency, diverse opinions and analyses, and forward-thinking editorials to help guide our state’s future. Our goal: Empower Utahns with the facts to make better decisions.

Utah’s motto of a beehive, or “industry,” defines our work ethic and shared sense of values. As we become increasingly diverse in ethnicity, faith, industries and backgrounds, we must always honor this sense of community.

We all dream of and seek a better future for ourselves and upcoming generations. There are many pathways ahead. The Tribune will serve as a platform, or “town square,” to introduce, develop and civilly debate the responsible pathways toward that dream.

Our historic transition to a nonprofit organization brings a broad representation to our institution as we continue to provide relevant reporting and viewpoints from communities inside and outside of Salt Lake City. Each day we will offer important news and information along the Wasatch Front and will partner with news and philanthropic organizations to report from all corners of our state. Our community is not just Salt Lake City, but the entire state of Utah and beyond.

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Paul Huntsman.

Paul Huntsman is the chairman of the board of the nonprofit Salt Lake Tribune, Inc. He also chairs The Tribune’s editorial board.