A sampling of the Dream Headlines submitted by Salt Lake Tribune readers, news they would like to read in the coming year.

Salt Lake to build huge wall between Capitol and Temple Square and the church will pay for it
— Linda Erickson, Tooele

Hurricane Ivanka swamps Mar-a-Lago, drowns Trump’s climate denial
— Dave Folland, Sandy

Life, liberty, happiness ghosts visit Trump
— Aharon D. Shulimson, Salt Lake City

Herbert signs Utah’s carbon tax bill
— Kathy Van Dame, Murray

Democrats compromise: Border wall; Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court
— Richard Jaffe, Salt Lake City

Trump out!
— Gary Reimer, Salt Lake City

Trump tells a truth: First this year
— David A. Moore, Salt Lake City

Border wall complete
— Marci Esparza, Sandy

Trump wins election for Kanab dogcatcher
— Fred Strohacker, Millcreek

Bagley to answer LDS call to Uzbekistan
— Stuart Young, Sandy

LDS Church endorses Bernie Sanders
— Tom Kudla, Heber City

Republicans seek asylum: Join Democratic Party
— Jim Schnitter, Salt Lake City

Trump deported, fake birth certificate
— Glen V. Ruff, Springville

Trump joins monastery, takes vow of silence
— Tom Owens, Farmington

Salt Lake Tribune launches six new sections, becomes 60-page daily
— Carolyn Campbell, Salt Lake City

Legislature to have statue of Moroni installed on Capitol building
— Jeri Peratis, Salt Lake City

The INN Between announces more locations
— Edward R. Blake, Salt Lake City

Winter smog controlled by giant air pumps
— Ted Lazenby

LDS prophet proclaims GOP a Mammonic cult
— John Nelson, Wellsville

Trump picks Tim DeCristopher to be secretary of the interior
— Randy Jones, Midway

Trump catapulted over Great Wall
— Mike DeKeyrel, Mt. Pleasant

Trump tax returns and pre-nup top best seller list
— Scott Dangerfield, Magna

Congress bans big money, lobbyists
— Andrew Kramer, Ivins

Hatch admits he stayed way too long
— Connie Reed, Salt Lake City

Trump hotels to host refugee families
— Doris (Beth) Young, Bountiful

“I alone can fix it.” Trump acts on pledge and resigns from office
— Randy Merrill, Orem

Aliens leave unimpressed
— Mick Florin, South Jordan

Orrin Hatch declared Utah State Fossil
— John Porcher, Salt Lake City

Mueller reveals Russian probe results, and urine for a surprise
— Rosemary Washington, Murray

Orin (sic) Hatch retroactively retires 30 years ago
— Colin Campbell, Salt Lake City

Trump sentencing hearing set for Monday
— Bruce Baird, Sandy

Paper delivered to front door, homeowner ecstatic, no walk to the street or the neighbors driveway to retrieve paper
— David Dowsett

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints takes over Utah Legislature
— Pete Evanoff, Salt Lake City

Pope Francis urges Catholic men to abstain from Facebook for 10 days
— Kristeen Polhamus, Taylorsville

Utah bans yeti-bigfoot marriage
— Noel de Nevers, Salt Lake City

Trump, Pence resign, Pelosi president
— Mickey Wright, Torrey

LDS President Russell Nelson has revelation: ‘Live and let live’
— David M. Jolley, Salt Lake City

High-speed internet now free for everyone
— Stuart Young, Sandy

No more party, no more money, citizens now make the laws
— Julie Brewer, West Jordan

LDS Church welcomes LGBTs and their children
— Mary Walton, Salt Lake City

Chaffetz is missing
— Jan Coen, Bountiful

Media obsession with Trump ends
— Fred Larsen, Riverton

Wingpointe re-opens for golf
— Stuart Young, Sandy

Trump’s Will donates his brain to science, science rejects it.
— Tom Eiche, Salt Lake City

Church finally getting out of state and liquor businesses
— Gail Sturdevant, Millcreek

Donavon Mitchell slam dunks victory in mayoral race
— Tom Day, Cottonwood Heights

All nations agree on carbon tax
— Sharon Forbes, Bountiful

Head tax funds public schools
— Richard N. Gilbert, West Valley City

Trump frog-marched out of White House
— Tim Riley, Salt Lake City

Teachers to get raises, combat pay
— Gene A. Martinez, Midvale

Trump/Pence abdicate, move to Moscow
— Earl Hindley, Salt Lake City

Legislators finally serious about air quality
— Gary Reimer, Salt Lake City

World at peace, Troops to come home
— Stuart Young, Sandy