Sarah Young: Let’s shape Salt Lake City’s future together

I bring a proven record of public service in Utah and a deep understanding of our community’s core issues.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Kids fish at Fairmont Park Pond, during the grand reopening celebration, Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

Stepping up to the City Council podium 122 days ago, for the chance to represent my Sugar House community as an appointed Salt Lake City Council Member, it felt like a reality TV show audition. No roses or mirror ball trophies here — just one question: Why am I the right choice for Salt Lake City Council District 7?

The answer? It’s rooted in my unwavering commitment to this community. I am dedicated to shaping our future together. My journey began almost 20 years ago in a Salt Lake City classroom teaching eighth-grade students about the wonders of science and the world around them. This experience evolved into a broader calling to join public service for the entire community.

As the current chief of staff to the state superintendent for the Utah State Board of Education, I play a pivotal role in supporting our teachers, families and students, including managing $1 billion in COVID-19 relief funds for Utah’s K-12 schools. This experience in taking action to address emerging needs with support for our citizens, coupled with my background in environmental and population biology, equipped me with a unique perspective — one that transcends textbooks and classrooms to embrace the broader needs of the Salt Lake City ecosystem.

Why am I the best choice? I bring a proven record of public service in Utah and a deep understanding of our community’s core issues. In just 122 days, I’ve taken action on crucial matters for our community. I supported a ban on new drive-throughs in the Sugar House Business District, which wasn’t just about regulations; it was about preserving the essence of our neighborhood. Advocating for a reallocation of $1.5 million for Fairmont Park wasn’t just a budgetary move; it was a pledge to prioritize the safety and well-being of our residents on our parks and open spaces.

Actively meeting with every city department wasn’t just about understanding projects; it was about ensuring that the pulse of District 7 beats in harmony with the broader vision for Salt Lake City. Voting for a $10 million investment in the Perpetual Housing Fund wasn’t just about finances; it was a commitment to addressing the critical issue of affordable housing in our community.

To me, that city council podium wasn’t just a platform; it was a bridge. A bridge connecting my educational experiences, my passion for positive change and the vibrant District 7 community. Today, I stand before you, eager to build that bridge, serve you and leave a lasting impact. I would be honored to receive your vote by Nov. 21. Let’s build bridges and shape our future together.

Sarah Young

Sarah Young was appointed to fill the Salt Lake City District 7 seat in July 2023. She also currently serves as the Chief of Staff to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction at the Utah State Board of Education, where she has worked for the past 11 years.