Lannie Chapman: Keep public office in the hands of public servants

Lannie Chapman seeks your vote for Salt Lake County Clerk.

My name is Lannie Chapman, I am running to be the Salt Lake County clerk. I am ready to step up on day one and execute the functions of this office and keep our elections running smoothly. Public institutions belong in the hands of public servants.

When we think about elected officials, we typically think of presidents, senators, legislators and people with political ideologies making passionate arguments for policies and procedures.

While many of our elected officials fit that description, some frankly do not. Some are public servants who go to their office each day to manage teams, do paperwork and simply do their jobs — like many of you. My boss, Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen, is one of these people.

It takes years of in-person experience to become an expert in election administration, passport procedure, distributing marriage licenses and recording County Council meeting minutes. It is not something that is taught in school. Someone taking notes and scanning ballots may not seem as glamorous as those who give speeches, but these jobs are just as important. And in these administrative positions, common sense is invaluable.

Sherrie decided to retire, after 32 years of serving Salt Lake County, and she looked to me, her chief deputy, to be her successor. I believe this is because of my leadership, my ability to adapt quickly and because I have been by her side for the last three and a half years, learning the job.

I have administered the previous 8 elections, worked with Homeland Security, Unified Police, the Department of State, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office and the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office to implement measures to increase our election security. I know each aspect of the job inside and out. I have the experience and qualifications to ensure that all eligible voters have access to the ballot and that Salt Lake County citizens have access to marriage licenses and passports, as provided by state and federal law. That is why I have Sherrie’s support and endorsement.

As you cast your ballot this year, I would encourage you to consider what it is you want out of public servants in administrative positions. Because there is a marked difference between my opponent and myself.

My opponent has cast doubt on our election system, spread conspiracy theories online and has never spent time in the County Clerk’s office except to cast doubt on an already audited system nor taken the time to get to know the laws that govern it. He has made false claims of voter fraud so outlandish that he was publicly called out by the lieutenant governor, being told that he should “visit [the] county clerk’s office to learn about how elections are actually run.”

I ask you to consider voting for me, Lannie Chapman for Salt Lake County Clerk. Let’s keep public offices in the hands of public servants.

Lannie Chapman

Lanni Chapman is the Democratic candidate for Salt Lake County Clerk.