Christopher Smart: Tucker Carlson exposes Cox and Romney and the liberal agenda

Fox host is worried that white supremacy will be at risk. Again.

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Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox and Republican Sen. Mitt Romney aren’t just liberals working to advance the agenda of demonic Democrats. Oh, no, they have an undisguised contempt for Republican voters, according to Fox soothsayer Tucker Carlson, who warns conservatives that they’re being sold down the river.

Carlson interviewed Cox and Romney and tens of thousands of Utah Republicans to reach this conclusion — or maybe he didn’t. We’ll never know.

But Tucker — who loves to hear himself sing in the bathroom — got confirmation from Utah GOP Chairman Carson Jorgensen, who dresses like a real man with a big belt buckle and stands tall in his 10-gallon hat, just in case anyone didn’t get that he stands for all things American. Think John Wayne, pilgrim — and the Duke never cottoned to no transexuals.

Tucker invited Jorgensen onto his popular primetime show, known affectionately as “Tucker’s Truthiness,” to sell his theory that Cox and Romney hoodwinked impressionable Utah voters into electing stone-cold liberals in sheep’s clothing who are bent on turning Utah into something like — well, not Russia, Carlson loves Russia, they have real freedom there — New York City, where people can buy any book they want and can be a woman on Monday and a man on Tuesday and God-knows-what on Wednesday.

The Utah cowboy was all in: “I’ve spent the last several weeks at county conventions, and there’s a lot of people that are really upset with what’s happening,” Jorgensen told Carlson, as reported in The Salt Lake Tribune. “I don’t know if I’d call it buyer’s remorse, but we have to be careful with this kind of woke ideology.”

Goodness gracious sakes alive, he intoned, the heinous “woke” ideology where the world is being turned upside-down by people who want the freedom to choose who they are and respect others who do the same. Sorry, but that’s just a little too much freedom. And that’s where Cox blew it, because he vetoed legislation that disallows trans girls from participating in high school sports. The Republican-dominated legislature overrode the veto, proclaiming that Cox’s action was grounds for disfellowship from the LDS/GOP.

And that isn’t all. The problem in Utah, said Jared Cahoon, vice-chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party, is that it isn’t a representative democracy.

You heard it, Democrats. That’s rich coming from a Republican in a deep, red, gerrymandered state but, on the other hand, extremism must count for something.

“We have a governor who gets elected with 36 percent of all voting Republicans in the state,” Cahoon contended. He omitted the fact that Cox won the delegate vote at the 2020 Republican Convention, but why split hairs when you’re trying to make a point that the governor needs to shut up and do what he’s told.

And then, there is Utah’s Judas, Mitt Romney, who voted twice to convict Donald J. Trump — the greatest president ever, who was ordained by God, himself, to save us from the likes of Romney. If that weren’t enough, Romney voted to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, scorned by Republicans as soft on pedophiles, to the U.S. Supreme Court. And then he had the audacity to applaud when Jackson won confirmation, while real Republicans snubbed her by slinking silently away. This Mitt guy is nothing short of the devil incarnate — or a liberal Democrat, take your pick.

And don’t forget this: Romney marched with Black Lives Matter. “The complicity of people like Mitt Romney gives groups like Black Lives Matter strength,” Carlson said. “Black Lives Matter is becoming more powerful by the hour, and they know it.”

Next thing you know, they’ll want to vote. And that can’t be good because it means the votes of real Americans, like Tucker Carlson, will have less weight and white supremacy could be at risk — again. Yes, it is time to panic, people, because you could soon be disenfranchised along with girls’ soccer. And that’s just not right — enough.

Christopher Smart

Christopher Smart is a freelance writer in Salt Lake City and author of Smart Bomb, which appears in City Weekly.