Felicia Kreitl: Trump is the president we deserve

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Erie International Airport tom Ridge Field in Erie, Pa, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Since time immemorial, those in power have been the ones to determine who is adequately indoctrinated in their world to rule beside them. If you don’t speak their language and don their masks, you simply don’t belong.

Donald Trump doesn’t belong. He’s accused of demeaning the office because of his lack of decorum, his unrefined vocabulary and his tawdry past in the business of making money — as if, somehow, the money his accusers rake in was never contaminated by business.

The president we have is the president we deserve. We turned a blind eye for decades as the most crafty, greedy and power hungry have risen to power. But Americans started to notice that being lied to is not something we need to tolerate indefinitely. That’s why we found a bully willing to offend the unscrupulous, smooth-talking gang who lead our nation.

You don’t vote in a refined, soft-spoken, gentle man into a den of jackals. You vote in a man whose ego knows no bounds, an ego capable of withstanding the continued and constant attacks against everything he does and doesn’t do. This is no ordinary ego. In feedback to Washington, this only endears Trump to the abandoned and forgotten in America, the America that knows our sorely missed tax dollars go to politicians' high-end lifestyles and to foreign recipients when homelessness, poverty, drug addiction and disease plague us right here at home.

We are tolerant because we’ve allowed ourselves to be robbed and mistreated by those in power who mishandle our money and our nation’s resources. Those in power, to this day, still pretend they’re for equality, when most of them live in a completely different world from nearly all Americans, only mingling with the rich and famous. The whole lot of them pretend they care about the environment and they talk about retrofitting every building in the United States, but they, regardless of party, refuse to do something as simple and profound as ban plastic bottles.

Hey, it’s a start. It’s something; a goal we can actually work on together now. What, we’re not technologically advanced enough to come up with an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic containers? There’s just not enough profit in such technology? In our polluted world, there are no scientists working solely for the love of our one and only planet, our one and only home?

When Israel would go astray, God didn’t send in refined, well-spoken gentlemen to punish them. The wicked seem uniquely equipped to punish the wicked. A refined, acceptable, presentable Trump would have never reflected the determination of the majority of America to offend the powers that be. Trump was voted in to disrupt the status quo, to derail the direction we’ve been going.

Who would dare say our country was headed in the direction of the greater good? Find one person who could testify that the values, culture, entertainment, pursuits, and leadership of our nation were some sort of shining example of concern for us all? This election has brought to light the desperation of those in power to hold onto it by any means.

Thanks to the grating presence of Trump, the power hungry have bore their sharp teeth and claws to hold onto the status quo that serves only them. This election year has revealed how desperately the people, not the leaders, but the people need a president like Trump, not to smooth things over in Washington, but to keep driving the demons of corruption to bare their faces to the light of day.

Trump is the president we deserve — every rough, crude, unrefined, offensive bit of him.

Felicia Kreitl

Felicia Kreitl, South Jordan, is yoga instructor looking to increase understanding in her community and beyond.

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