Joy Rocklin: Romney should not vote to confirm new justice now

(Photo courtesy of Sen. Mitt Romney's office). Sen. Mitt Romney and Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett pose for photos before a meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020.

Dear Sen. Romney,

There are several reasons I implore you to wait to confirm a lifetime Supreme Court nominee until after Inauguration Day:

1. Your integrity. As your constituent, I viewed it as a crowning moment for me when you bucked your party’s rush to reject Donald Trump’s impeachment. You looked at the facts and had the guts to vote your conscience. At that moment, as a former lifelong Republican turned Democrat when the party left me in the dust, I was so proud to live in the red state of Utah.

2. The hypocrisy of the Republican Party. When Barack Obama nominated Justice Merrick Garland well in advance of the 2016 election, Sen. Mitch McConnell refused to consider any federal judge nominee until after the election. The will of the American people in electing Obama was ignored. But Trump and his Republican minions now find that to be a persuasive argument even closer to the 2020 election. Trump actually lost the election by the popular vote, which demonstrated the clear will of the American people. Do you want to be a hypocrite?

3. The current rush to confirm a new Supreme Court justice is a Republican ploy to alter the leaning of the Supreme Court for generations to come. Amy Coney Barrett’s views on so many hard-won rights for Americans, especially women, working people, those who depend on health care, etc., are unambiguously clear. Most Americans will be irreparably harmed by Barrett’s influence on Supreme Court decisions, most likely overturning 50 years of progress for Americans. Do you want to allow the erosion of the rights of so many Americans?

4. Just a week after Election Day, the Supreme Court will consider a case that could strike down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety — putting the health care of millions at risk. Barrett has strongly criticized decisions upholding the ACA, a signal that she would kick millions off their health and end protections for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions (possibly including a COVID-19 infection and its debilitating long-term effects). Do you support leaving over 20 million Americans without insurance in the middle of a global pandemic?

5. Trump indicated that he will contest the results of a democratic election if Joe Biden wins. He and his Republican minions are sowing doubt about the fairness of our elections; disenfranchising voters; ignoring the Russian threat to elect Trump; claiming fraud for mail-in ballots without any evidence; and dismantling the U.S. Postal Service. Mail-in voting is even more critical in light of the pandemic. We in Utah have used mail-in ballots since 2012, consistently electing Republicans such as yourself. Packing the Supreme Court before the November election is a way to ensure that Trump and Republicans can override the democratic voting process that we in the United States once held so dear. Are you supporting this destruction of an American principle set forth in the U.S. Constitution?

There is too much at stake to rush a vote on the Supreme Court vacancy. I again implore you to vote your conscience, maintain your integrity, reject Republican abuse of power, and delay confirmation until after Inauguration Day. History will applaud you for it.

Respectfully yours,

Joy Rocklin

Joy Rocklin, Heber City, is a retired financial services executive now enjoying life in Utah since moving from New Jersey.

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