Danielle Divis: Let’s drop the age-old pro-life jabs

With the Utah March for Life coming up on Jan. 25, I feel compelled to respond to a recent column from the editor of the editorial page.

George Pyle argues against conservatives’ use of the phrase “pro-life,” pointing out a hypocrisy in the conservative stance on a variety of life-related issues including environmental issues, health care, conversion therapy and vaccinations.

First off, pro-life is a label originally put forth by the anti-abortion movement to accurately encapsulate the main focus of the movement: that human life at every stage had value. The word life is chosen as a perfect antithesis to abortion which — despite what Planned Parenthood advertises as the “removal of a pregnancy” so they can ensure milking a pretty penny from as many desperate women as possible — is medically defined as intentionally causing the demise of a human fetus.

I could write essentially the same piece as Pyle attacking the hypocrisy of liberal adherence to the word “choice” only when applied to a woman’s choice to kill her unborn child, but no choice in regards to school, defense, health care or honesty most of the issues Pyle brings up in his piece. The argument of semantics is cliché, regressive, and distracting from the true ideological battle being fought by both sides when it comes to abortion.

Perhaps the most tired element of the column is the narrative of pro-life as being paternalistic. Not only is the Utah Eagle Forum leadership entirely female, but the largest pro-life organization in Utah and every pro-life organization throughout the United States are all run by women.

In addition, the Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City has offered free prenatal care to over 6,000 Utah women since its opening a decade ago, as well as provides ongoing financial support and resources to women as they continue into motherhood.

It’s time to let go of the overused and under-supported jab that pro-life organizations do nothing for babies who are born and their mothers. Pro-choicers are unaware of the pro-life effort in regards to women and babies in crisis pregnancies not because it does not exist but because they have willfully closed themselves off from the pro-life movement.

As someone who follows the pro-choice movement closely every day, I can assure that it is in fact pro-choice efforts to help these women and babies that is lacking in Utah.

So call us whatever term you’d like and criticize our political views on 50 other topics, but while you advocate for the choice to end another life, we will march for every human’s right to live.

Danielle Divis

Danielle Divis is a Christian, mother, wife and educator. She is currently a high school mathematics teacher and adjunct professor pursuing a Ph.D. in education. She lives in Herriman with her husband and 3-year-old son.