BJ Cluff: Senators should take impeachment trial seriously

I recently watched the House impeachment proceedings with great interest. Utah’s Rep. John Curtis challenged Utahns to watch on C-SPAN so we could avoid the “spin” that can come from various news sources.

I thought this good advice. I was dismayed when I saw how many representatives voted against impeaching the president, when what I watched with an open mind (not tainted by pressure from political parties) seemed to take party spin, with votes falling so obviously in their various political camps. After hearing the testimony, I am in complete agreement with the House vote.

In keeping with that open mindset, I am trying to trust that the process will move forward with a fair trial in the Senate. As I have watched various senators proudly declare they are “not impartial jurors,” it seems as if members of the Senate are treating this as some kind of farce, barely going through the motions, with their minds already made up.

I don’t understand why the Senate is not interested in doing this very important job, to take this impeachment trial seriously and hear it all out before making a final decision.

Like many Americans, I am frustrated with how members of the Senate want to rush this impeachment trial through, without calling witnesses and trying to discern the truth. Many seem to have already decided how they will vote before the trial even begins.

I watched interviews with Sens. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and wondered if anyone in the Senate was even taking this seriously. Why wouldn’t the Senate want to find out the truth? Why wouldn’t our senators want, even press for, a full and fair trial, instead of ignoring or even sweeping this away? Why wouldn’t they want to hear testimony before making their final decision? How many have already decided their vote, before the impeachment trial begins and witnesses are called?

What I heard in the testimony before the House Judiciary Committee was stunning, jaw-dropping. The evidence seemed clear to me. As a person who considers herself a strong woman, and as a member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government, I applaud the courage of people like Fiona Hill and Marie Yovanovitch, who spoke truth despite pressure and threats.

I urge all senators to have the courage to hear the evidence/testimony in the Senate trial and to use their power to influence fellow senators to keep an open mind. I urge them to hear from witnesses, before making their decision. Our state and our nation need brave leaders who can do what they were elected to do.

BJ Cluff

BJ Cluff, Provo, is a mother of five, and has made a career out of teaching people to love and protect the outdoors. She has always loved politics, and does all she can to make the world better for all people.