Dear Senator Lee,

I do not understand how you can continue to support President Trump.

I am a moderate to conservative Republican. There are some things the president has done that I like: relaxing bureaucratic regulations, shrinking Bears Ears, nominating two Supreme Court judges that I support, etc.

The tax cuts that you supported were a mistake. Few of the corporations used the largess to help their employees but instead used it to buy back their stock. In our country’s history, when the economy is going well, the deficit has gone down, but not with Trump. It has grown tremendously under his watch and you and your colleagues need to take the blame as well. Yet you present yourself as a fiscally responsible representative.

My main complaint against the president is his complete lack of character. He is a liar (including the Hurricane Dorian debacle) and he never admits that he is ever wrong or take responsibility for his mistakes.

He is a misogynist, a narcissist, a self-promoting, egotistical blowhard, etc. I do not believe he is a racist, though he does use that impression to rally the “base” segment of his base.

He continually denigrates our intelligence services and our law enforcement services, which further promotes uncertainty and lack of belief in our country. He calls the media traitors full of false news, when he is the false news king. There is bias in the media against him, but it seems to be well deserved.

He was correct in confronting China about the trade inequalities, but I am not sure he is going about it in the best way. His fiscally irresponsible use of our taxpayer money to buy off the farmers hurt by the tariffs so that they will continue to support him is plain wrong and smacks of socialism.

The wall is a debacle and diverting funds designated for military infrastructure improvement to build the wall is wrong. When money was diverted from Hill Air Force base to build the wall, you should have called him out on it instead of complaining to the Defense Department.

When it comes to international policies, why do you support a man who continually mocks our allies and salutes our enemies: “Putin is a great man,” Kim Jung Un is a fine fellow," “President Xi Jinping is another great man,” when all of these autocratic dictators care nothing for human rights, suppress any opposition and strive to bring down democracy.

Trump has done nothing to support the protestors in Hong Kong. He tried to cover up his blackmailing Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden. Be honest with yourself. If Hillary had been recorded asking the Russians to find dirt on Trump’s real estate dealings in Russia, you would have been apoplectic and would have called her a traitor. Trump’s latest diatribes calling Rep. Adam Schiff a traitor, threatening civil war, etc., make me think Trump is unhinged.

The Mueller report clearly outlines the many illegal attempts he made to stop the investigation. But you twist and turn to justify Trump’s actions, rather than be honest with yourself and the people of Utah and admit that Trump was wrong.

As a good Christian, I wish you would follow Paul’s admonition to not yoke yourself to one whom I consider evil: “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?” (2 Cor. 6:14-15)

David Petersen is retired computer programmer who lives in Hinckley.