Dear Republicans,

Maybe you haven’t noticed, or are afraid to look at “other” news, which may invalidate some, or all, of your previous beliefs about your party, but I am writing to tell you it’s time to change your thinking.

This is not the America I want my kids and grandkids to grow up in.

Presidents do not use the attorney general for their own defense.

Presidents do not enrich their own lives at the expense of American lives, keeping the minimum wage low and eliminating health care for millions.

This is no longer the party of Dwight Eisenhower, that maybe your fathers supported. The five-star general, and two-term president who initiated our vast Interstate highway system and helped rebuild Europe and Japan after World War II. This was done with a marginal tax rate of 90% on the very highest earnings of roughly $350,000 at the time. True story.

This is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan, who ended the Cold War and reached across the aisle with Tip O’Neill.

I’m guessing these were the roots of many lifelong Republican families.

Guess what?

The Republicans are no longer the party of “building a stronger middle class,” as Eisenhower did through his job creation and infrastructure plan.

No longer the party of negotiation and compromise, reaching across the aisle.

They are no longer the party of fiscal conservatism, no deficit spending and moral values.

They’re against abortion, only for votes and reversing our declining birth rate, caused by their policies of low wages and destroying the ACA! Who will do the slave labor when immigrants are shut out and birth rates are stagnant?

Tell your president to release his tax returns, to admit, under oath, violating the emoluments clause, lying about payoffs to his girlfriends. Tell him to get rid of the illegal work force at his hotels, start paying down the debt like he promised, quit making friends with our enemies, accept responsibility for crimes committed under his watch, and then ask him to resign.

It’s the only honorable thing this abuser of American privilege can do to restore the office of the presidency and the standing of America in the world view.

Then quit voting for his supporters. Nothing will change if Republicans put party before America.

Thomas Kudla

Tom Kudla, Heber City, is a retired postal carrier and a semi-retired landscaping/handyman business owner. He has researched political information for letters to the editor for the last 16 years.