By Leonard Pitts | The Miami Herald 3h ago

Commentary: Utah’s only Latino recipient of the Medal of Honor held off 200 Nazis — and died just months before the end of the war

By David M. Thomas | For The Tribune 4h ago

Stop using the Bible as a model for how to treat people — it’s full of examples of how to be awful

By Gregory A. Clark | For The Tribune 11h ago

Israel imposes silence and submission in Gaza

By Leslie Kelen | For The Tribune 12h ago

Homelessness is complex and individual

13h ago

Dana Milbank: Reports of a Democratic party rift are greatly exaggerated

By Dana Milbank | The Washington Post 15h ago

George F. Will: Trump stokes the Republican populism that Taft resisted

By George F. Will | The Washington Post 15h ago

Salt Lake City’s Road Home shelter needs to enforce rules against drug use

By Randall Carlisle | For The Tribune 16h ago

We can’t ‘solve’ Utah’s teen suicide problem. We can only work on it.

By Joseph C. Bentley | For The Tribune 16h ago

This is why we can’t have a conversation about guns with fellow Americans or fellow Mormons

By Robert A. Rees and Clifton H. Jolley | For The Tribune 20h ago

Alexandra Petri: Why, Kim Jong Un, why?

By Alexandra Petri | The Washington Post 1d ago

Holly Richardson: Utah could join the other 49 states with Islamaphobic politicians — unless you step in

Holly Richardson By Holly Richardson 1d ago

We pray only after all we can do.

By Patty Willis | For The Tribune 1d ago

Rich Lowry: Let’s call the whole thing off

By Rich Lowry | National Review 1d ago

Catherine Rampell: So you’re telling me my Subaru is a national security threat?

By Catherine Rampell | The Washington Post 1d ago

George Pyle: I’d rather be governed by the NBA than the NRA

George Pyle By George Pyle 2d ago

Trump knows words don’t just describe reality. They shape it

By Eugene Robinson | The Washington Post 2d ago

Megan McArdle: Loathsomely loaded and coded

By Megan McArdle | The Washington Post 2d ago

Greg Sargent: James Clapper’s bombshell: Russia swung the election. What if he’s right?

By Greg Sargent | The Washington Post 2d ago

Don Gale: The fault is not in Mr. Trump, but in ourselves

By Don Gale | For The Tribune 2d ago

Max Boot: Trump is doing long-term damage to Israel

By Max Boot | The Washington Post 3d ago

Elizabeth Bruenig: The NFL fumbles on kneeling

By Elizabeth Bruenig | The Washington Post 3d ago

Jennifer Rubin: Blame these people for Trump’s outrageous attack on truth and US law enforcement

By Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post 3d ago

Hugh Hewitt: Trump’s huge impact on the federal bench

3d ago

E.J. Dionne: Challenging Trump’s Christian apologists

By E.J. Dionne | The Washington Post 3d ago