Here’s how Utah’s Top Workplaces are determined

In its 10th year, the program salutes a record 166 small, midsize and large companies.

The Salt Lake Tribune's 2023 Top Workplaces

Great workplaces aren’t created by accident. They are built and nurtured. The Top Workplaces awards recognize the employers that do it well in the eyes of their employees.

The heart of the Top Workplaces award is the employee survey process. Energage administers a 24-question survey to employees, who are the sole deciders of whether a company culture merits recognition.

This is the 10th year The Salt Lake Tribune has partnered with Energage, an employee survey company based in Exton, Pa., to celebrate exceptional workplaces in Utah.

There is no cost to participate in Top Workplaces and no obligation to purchase any product or service. For 2023, 2,819 organizations were invited to survey their employees. Based on employee survey feedback, a record 166 employers have earned recognition as Top Workplaces.

In the current job market, companies continue to focus on recruiting, retaining and motivating employees. It’s more paramount than ever, Energage CEO Eric Rubino said, for companies to be intentional about a culture that prioritizes employee appreciation and recognition.

“We really need workplaces that inspire employees,” he said. “You have to really acknowledge employees genuinely and consistently.”

The award is open to any employer with 35 or more employees in Utah. Survey results are valid only if 35% or more of employees respond; employers with fewer than 85 employees have a higher response threshold, requiring responses from at least 30 employees.

Energage tabulates the survey results. Employers are grouped into small, midsize and large companies to best compare similar employee experiences. Employers earn Top Workplaces recognition if their aggregated employee feedback score exceeds national benchmarks. Energage has established those benchmarks based on feedback from more than 27 million employees over 17 years. They are ranked within those groups based on the strength of the survey feedback.

Why isn’t a particular company on the list? Perhaps it chose not to participate. Or its employee survey feedback might have fallen below benchmark scores. Energage runs tests on survey feedback and in some cases may choose to disqualify organizations based on irregularities in survey feedback.

To participate in the 2024 Top Workplaces awards, or for more information, go to the nomination page at https://www.sltrib.com/nominate.

Bob Helbig is media partnerships director for Energage, an employee survey company based in suburban Philadelphia.